⡷⠂About Us⠐⢾ is a small and private german gaming website. All of our editors are real gamers and obsessed with gaming. Our Story starts in 2011 with a small product testing blog and evolved in 2013 into a gaming blog. After about 3.500 articles we decided in 2019 to rebrand our old blog ( to Gamolution cause it was necessary to get rid of this playstation exclusive image. Now we not only support every platform we can also work with nearly every platform. Actually Gamolution published nearl 1.300 articles, since end of 2019. Our small team works every day on news, articles, reviews, raffles and much more for our readers and fans.

Our Vision is to provide the best information we have for our audience and also support them. We just decided that we will try to tell our audience only information and reviews, that are as good and as objective as possible. We never want to publish clickbait or fake news. Most of our editors are also active as content creators for several platforms like youtube or twitch, so our audience maybe spread about more than one platform.


⡷⠂Our Channels⠐⢾

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⡷⠂Gamolution in Numbers⠐⢾

Please note that this Numbers can vary each month. Actually due to the all to well known pandemic we lost a lot of money and a lot of paid advertising so these numbers don´t look like we had in the past…

(All Numbers are from 03.08.2023) Visitors/month: about 45.000

Pages per Visitor: 3,7

Time on Site: 1 Minute and 17 Seconds


MOZ authority: 34

ahrefs authority: 45

⡷⠂who visits Gamolution⠐⢾

People that visit Gamolution are from the higher age in the industrie. Most of our visitors are man in the ages between 25 and 40 from europe. All of them could normally be called gamer, nerds or geeks. Our Community maybe small but it is impressive how many people you can met around here and around events like gamescom that know our website. We are a bit sad that most of our visitors are  not very engaged in commenting, that consume our articles fast and trust our oppinion.⡷⠂What we can do for you?⠐⢾

We will provide a review for every sample that reaches us. So if you don´t have time or don´t want to talk a lot just send us a sample and you will get a review of your product on our website that will also be featured in social media. But you are really welcome when you want to have a little more smalltalk. We can offer you not only a review. We would really like to hear from you what you think about your product, what you want to be mentioned in our review. maybe you have the game with the most ridiculous weapons, the mouse with the highest sensibility on the market or just a product that was in development for more than 20 years and you really want that we talk about this. We will be happy to share every detail about this with our readers.

If you want us to do a bit more than just a review we will also be able to make photos or videos, like unboxings for your product. of course such things are a bit hard when you just send a code for the playstation store or steam you know 😉 If you want us to provide video footage on our private youtube or twitch accounts we are also open for suggestions. Maybe you have your own ideas how this should look like. We could imagine a lot of things, like clothings with advertising in videos or on photos, Logo usage on our website or maybe you want to send us an high-end graphics card for review!? Than we would be happy to put your Logo on our Website as “powered by” with a link to your website or shop. We will also be able to provide a short clip in private youtube gaming videos where we thank you.

⡷⠂what we can not do for you⠐⢾

Yes there are also things we will never do!

You want us to tell our visitors how good your game is, than let us test it, if it´s good we are happy to spread the love. If it´s bad we won´t lie, maybe if it´s too bad and our oppinion would offend you or your product and it´s not that important to give another bad opinnion we could decide not to publish anything about this, but we won´t lie if we get asked.

Also we try to be fair so we don´t tell bad things about your Competitors in your review, such as “… oh this game is way better than the crappy XXXXXX” no that won´t happen.

We will not provide any political oppinions in reviews, only when it´s directly a thing of the game… like a dictator ingame or such things but we wont use articles for political forming of opinnion.

At last we welcome everybody on our website it doesnt matter what skincolor, where this person comes from or as what the heck anybody could identify, we are gamers and we welcome everyone.


⡷⠂who we are and how to contact Gamolution⠐⢾

Maybe you already know this but if not heres the details:

You can contact us in german or englisch language… i know not that really big surprise 😉


We are actually 4 People working on this webiste:


Founder, Editor in Chief and everything else:

Frank Ludwig – Frank(at)


Editor and really good Friends:

Egor Sommer –  Egor(at)

Nico Bernartz – Nico(at)


postal service:

Marion Ludwig – Redaktion(at)

Adress for samples an packages:


Frank Ludwig

Redaktion Gamolution

Römerstraße 1a

D-53332 Bornheim


You want to send a code with mail, than send it to: Redaktion(at)


Please think about it:

Every sample you send us will result in an article. We accept all samples you send us and will write a review if it´s possible. Just please don´t expect us to write a review about things like Button Caps for Controllers or other products that are not worth an article cause noone will google for a review for an article that costs a couple of cents 😉 All of our Reviews are Real World Reviews. Yes it´s nice if the hughe Tech Youtubers does clinical reviews with equipment worth ten thousands of dollars to see if your specifications are correct, like Linus (i like Linus) who checked the srgb spectrum of the Asus Rog Ally Display and came to the end that it is not 100% srgb like promised, but really close. In the real world it´s nice to know but the Asus Rog Ally display is so clear and good that noone will really see the difference between 100%srgb and about 95%srgb. Also we will use tools that everyone of our readers will be able to use at home too, if they buy your Hardware, to check how it performs under real conditions. So if you want us to post your technical details we will do and check what it is worth in the real world, so everybody gets a review that shows what reality feels like, not what is possible when you liquid cool your handheld console with nitrogen or how fast an ssd can go when it´s cold…


For any other Purposes, Suggestions, more information contact us here or directly with an email to: Redaktion(at)