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Genshin Impact Masterpiece? Things i want to see…

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Hi there,


normally this is a german speaking gaming website but this article is not only for our german audience, it´s especially made for creators at MiHoYo, the maker fo genshin impact. At Gamescom 2023 i visited MiHoYo, linke every year. At this moment greetings from the verry near of cologne to all you pr guys and girls out there, i had a great time at the show, hope you also have. I know Gamescom in Cologne will end just tomorrow and maybe you will have the highlights yet to come. I made a promise and this article is for you all so that i will held my promises. I just told you that i will have a lot of ideas for genhin impact and that i want to talk with you about it but of course Gamescom where it is loud and noisy and also the time is verry limited is not the right chance to speak about some things i have thought about so i promised that i will give you more infos about my thoughts. Just take out of them whatever you want and if you are not a creator at MiHoYo maybe you will have some additional thoughts you want to share with us, just use the commentbox at the bottom of this article. For now this article targets the devlepors and creators of MiHoYo. Let me tell you about ideas and things i thought about, since it is clear that i would reach AR 60 soon, what i did a couple of days before.

1. special quest line

Once you have reached a certain level in the game you will have nothing more to explore, only few things to go and only few things to discover. I also watch anime a lot and there is one thing in the most anime series that provides videogame related content like the most isekai, that matches the concept of Genshin Impact in a great way, i think. In this animes there are often secret quests, secret quest lines where players can obtain special items, special decorations, cloths or unique boosts. The details to activate these quests are mostly insane to discover and here are a couple of ideas to hide such special quests…

1. a random Mondstad NPC is to be find at the Angels Share in the upper Section or Cat´s Tail between all the other npc´s waiting for a card match to begin. This charakter will only appear when there are several conditions met. for exmaple the player has at least AR60 or has a special character on Friendshiplevel 10 and also in the actual team. The npc then opens his hearth for the player and tells him anything special that starts a hughe questline that does not appear in any Achievements.

2. There are a lot of papers on the Mondstad roofs, maybe there will be one more in december that starts a christmas questline if it´s found. But this paper should only be available on 2-3 days so only few players will find it and the chance to find it by accident is low cause players need to have finished at least Inazuma to trigger the quest, so it´s not verry common to stroll around mondstadts roofs.

3. We all know that we are not allowed to touch the plants in Mondstadts Entrance where they are sold. Maybe one or two days before valentines day there could be a special offer with a plant that was not there before, hidden in front of the eyes of the players and only if we try to touch this plant a couple of times a storyline will be triggered.

4. Inazuma is like Sumeru full of npc´s and guards, maybe it would not really be apperently if there will be a special npc that only is around at a special time at night for a couple of days, when he is at vacation, missing something special that could trigger a hughe questline.

5. I already liked the idea of the well at Konda village that protects a cave system in front of the players eyes, maybe this would also be a good idea to implement in another city or town. Just the chance to dive into canalisation from a hole in a spring when you managed to get the key to the fence, that only can be triggered when you already have the key. Otherwise there will be no opportunity to interact with the fence. So players must have reach fontaine to be able to dive while the traveler has the water element activated and you must have found the secret hidden key that maybe just only be a part of this hidden questline where you need to find the npc that is only there for a couple of days.

6. maybe we can also trigger these questlines only on special days, a christmas questline available only at 24.12 to 26.12. in europe, a questline that can only be activated around the players birthday where he can sit down in the Angels touch and talk to a stranger that is drinking alone at the top level in a corner that asks if the player is also lonely, or maybe a Questline that only triggers in the time between updates when the banner is inactive and players wait for something special to happen. Maybe the npc sits there and counts down the time to the server downtime with the player cause he/she thinks that a hughe change comes to all our lives.

wouldn´t this be nice? A couple of hidden Questlines that may end in a Questline that leads the players to something special, maybe a unique glider that glows, a special weapon like a burning sword or a special bow from another World (modern Compund Bow with slightly more Damage). Maybe there will be the chance to get a special outfit for the traveller which is so rare that you can really be proud if you own this. Or a special Crossvoer Character you can only recruit once a year, completely for free of course, maybe a 5 Star Hugeo or Alice from Sword Art online, a Yūya Tenjō in his Red Armour from “i got a cheat skill in another World”, an Ichigo from Bleach, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 or any other Fighting Character that fits into the Genshin Universe without breaking the Game (As long as you not transform to a fortnite it will be pretty nice, so please no Deadpool, Wolverine or such things). To level up the constellations we could maybe find all those hidden quests that only triggers a couple of times a year so that this character will really be strong if completely finished but extremly hard to get to the “finished” Level.

2. User Reporting System

The Players are the most valuable ressource a game could have and i really, really have problems with the german translation of the game. There are errors that breaks the immersion of the game a lot, there are errors that triggers me a lot and maybe i am too old to accept this, my german is also not perfect, my english is less good and my spanish, french and japanese skills are not even on a basic level but when i read words like “Gästin” for a woman that visited someone so a female guest i could really throw out my breakfast! In the first moment i thought someone started “gendering” at Genshin Impact translation team and for me it was clear… if they start gendering i will directly quit playing this game! then i thought maybe it´s just an automatic translation error, you may know those google translate service is not accurate in the most situations but i was not able to figure out what the person thought about femalizing a word that has no female form. The word “Gästin” is not a valide word in the german language, it even doen not translate in english, not even if you try. Its like inventing a new word.

This has not been a failure that happend once, that is a failure that occurs again and again and that is repeated several times and that makes me really a bit angry when i read such things.

I just want to follow the story but my english is not the best, my japanese is worse so i would prefer english if i need to make a choice but when i am able to read the story in german i don´t want to read sentences with such newly invented words or even worse, there had been sentences that even makes completely no sense so i had to guess what the author wanted to tell me.

Maybe we could get a “Report this dialogue” button so users can provide help. I offered my help a lot of times but by now without any reaction.

3. Singleplayer or hidden Mode

Genshin Impact is made as a singleplayer experience, i appreciate this. This was one of the reasons i really fell in love with this game but then there came more and more multiplayer experiences. Thats ok, why wasting such a potential!? I can live with multiplayer support if i can do all the things alone, when i want to. I am already annoyed that i can not get this Achievement with the Stone Hearth to get my platinum trophy without another player. But what really annoyes is the fact that i am not able to prevent other players from sending Join Requests. When i want to play alone i am really annoyed by all those Players that i don´t know asking to join my world. The problem is that a hughe ammount of players did not communicate, they join your world, teleport away and steal any ressources they just need, that you are not able to collect than. That is a problem in my eyes and and annoying one.

4. Reusing of older Maps

OK this is just a guess but i think we will not see maps like the isles from the first summer events again. Maybe we can connect these Maps with a couple of smaller storylines and put them into the world… the ocean is wide enough to get those isles into the map. Maybe, when you reach Fontaine there could triggered a quest, somewhere in the sewers that leads us into an underground world on these Isles where we discover all the mechanics that raised and lowered the isles in the first years. Maybe we need some parts from there or there is a small warehouse in the sewers deep beyond these summerisles were those important parts are stored. Maybe there will be the option to dive down at the top of the isles through one of the small lakes and water holes that we filled in the questlines and maybe we could get the keys somewhere in sumeru from anyone of the academia… but just don´t let these maps sit around unused, they are so cool and i think that also new players would be happy to visit them and maybe also reimagine the old storylines that happend there.

5. Rethink about the prices in events

Your Events are cool. I really like the ideas of all those small events that takes your time and gives us prices but there is one thing i never really was able to understand…. why does the prices get less worth when you do better? We get the Primogems for less effort but these are the most wanted prices. Im playing Genshin since a couple of years and actually, since roundabout a year or so, im between 20 and 30 Million Mora, i really do not need to earn more Mora but the price for the hardest competition is Mora the most time…

its a bit disappointing when you do better and get less rewarded for your effort the more you do. There had been a couple of events that were really hard to reach the best reward level, maybe i had the wrong team, maybe i was not good enough but it has been no problem cause the only reward had been a couple of Mora and really what are 20K Mora when you already own 25.000.000, it´s just not worth the effort. Iy you split the Primogems, i know everybody will hate me for this suggestion but i think it would be better, on all 3 reward tiers like, 10, 20, 30 so complete you earn 60 Primos for all reward tears but you will earn the most for the best effort than it would be much more rewarding and challenging reaching this tear.

Also it would be nice to have Events in which you can really earn special weapons that makes really sense or effects, so you can show off these weapons.

6. More Interactions and more Worth for housing system

I really love the housing System with the magical Serenitea Pot the World within. It´s been a nice idea but there are not enough opportunities to interact with the World. You can grow a small ammount of plants, thats all. Why don´t we get the chance to get you characters wo work in this world within like in the forge or in a kitchen. I think it would be really, maybe as an easter egg if you put ei into the kitchen she will do nothing but when you have the shogun at the full constellation she will be motivated to try learning cooking, what ends in desaster everytime you visit your world within. Paimon could complain about the bad smell or the Kitchen can explode sometimes when raiden tries to heat up water for the ramen. Also we could have weapon training stations were our charakters can train, a ring where you can let two fighters, that want to fight, do sparing. If you put Itto in your world he will crouch around everywhere to find some beetles. The ponds could be used to grow fishes, find new fish forms. We could also have fields for flowers where we can grow flowers and combine them to new colours like it´s done in animal crossing.

I just want more live in the realm within so that it really looks like a real world. I know it could be hard to make the routes the characters are moving on and maybe you should limit this so that we can, for example Nilou, Yun Jin and Sangonimya does some dance on a stage but the only thing the do will be dancing and taking a break behind the stage where they also could talk about the next show. Players couls just decide which Characters to use but of course not every Character would fit so would not be able to let Itto, Layla and Dori on the Stage at the same time but when we take Itto to search beetles with yao yao and klee this could be fun and they may appear anywhere in the Realm within, also here can be secret questlines triggered.

I just want to see the realm within with a bit more interaction, more worth to visit and to show my friends. Maybe we could also be able to setup a shop in the realm within where we can sell/change goods with our friends. I know why this is not an option actually, you do not want to appear Genshin Impact digital items on any Marketplace like E-Bay or to be traded in the web but maybe this could be done with the same Formula like you can transmutate things. This could be an option to start this without these problems.

Also i want to have some more options to use, maybe we could put a place to sit down for our charakters in the onzen, so that roleplaying options would be more interesting. Maybe the Characters would also be able to get undressed in the Onzen, of course with a towel around them. But i think would be possible to make these Realms within to Sets for interactive Player Productions just with a couple of slight changes. That could also be a hughe social Media experiement.

Just a bit more life in the homeworld so that its really worth more visiting.

7. More Levels for the Seasonpass

I really like the Season Pass and i buy the more expensive on the most time but when you do so you are really fast done with it. Actually i have already reaches Level 27 and have 29 Days left to complete Level 50. So if we do the simple math i have to complete less than one level a day. So Please delete the 10 free levels you get with the “great” pass and make it cheaper or do some additional Levels or passes you can buy. Maybe the 20€ Pass should have around 10 Levels more maybe you also offer a 25€ pass with 65 Levels where you can get additional rewards in form of primogems and free wishes and also an cheaper option to get all those unique rewards cause this is the point cause i am buying the more expensive option of both pass options.

8. Higher difficulty on consoles

I really like Genshin Impact, i play it nearly everyday and maybe i am quite good at this game but when it comes to challenges, especially time challenges than i am just annoyed of them. They do not challenge me in any way cause the Game is so much easier to play with a Gamepad. Sometimes i have more than 50% time left when i finish a challenge, i even try to go other ways so i could grind a couple of flowers or stop to farm some ores. I think thats not the point of a challenge. I love that i am able to play genshin on every platform with the same account, i wouldn´t play two different accounts on two different platforms but maybe the challenges you need more time on mobile devices with touch controls the less time you need on a controller… which leads me to the next part…

9. Controller Support on Mobile

Wyh do we not have a functional controller Support on mobile devices!? I would really be happy not to be forced to take my complete Gaming Laptop, with Power supply and a Controller with me just to do my Dailies when i am not at home. I really really hate playing such games on a small mobile screen while i additionally need to put my fingers in the way. Thats crap in my eyes with my fingers, also it feels wrong for players like me that are used to use normal controllers. So it could not be such a problem to give us normal mobile Controller support, or are there any things that prevents this?

10. Trophy Room

Players that play Genshin Impact a lot and a long time, like me will have at least 2 or 3 copies of each weapon. Maybe it would be nice to get a special room in your Main Building in the Realm within, where Players can deposit there most anticipated Weapons, where they can put Drawings (maybe Paimon made in the Realm within) from all there beloved Characters in a Hallway or exhibition. A Place where Players can dump all the Things they do not need any longer, maybe a little Piggybank room for their Mora to be saved and if you have enough you can buy hugher piggy banks till you have a money storage like Dagobert Duck. So Players can be able to make their own Lootcave, maybe its an additional item you can gather for the realm within out of a treasure hunting storyquest. When players use this item in their Realm within it will add a highe Rock with a cave from where you can enter a loot Cave where Weapons can be presented on Weapon Racks, at the Walls, where the Mora lies in the t reasure room and such things. Maybe you can imagine more to fill this special cave as additional space in the teapot. Maybe we can also get different versions of this caves to implement different entrances. Maybe like the entrance to Moria the cave worlds of the lord of the rings, or a standard dungeon entrance, a special dungeon entrance and more. I think possibilities would be there enough with a little effort in creativity. Maybe there would also be the chance to get some suggestions over the hoyoverse as fan drawings and concepts.

11. physical Version

I know there will be the time Genshin Impact will end. I do not want this game to end but of course, like it´s always, the time will come. I also do not want my life to end but this will also happen. But as a collector i really be happy to show off Genshin Impact somewhere in the future when the game will not be availabe any longer to my children, friends and maybe my community of heirs. I do not know if all of the game fits on discs and maybe this is a silly suggestion but it would really be nice, i can imagine the sweetest Steelbook with the game as physical Version, somewhere in the future… to do this you really need this idea soon enough to plan such things, i know this wouldn´t happen but i just wanted to set this idea into the world…

12. Seasons for the Teapot

What if… just imagine Players would be able to decorate their Teapot Realms for Seasons. What if there will be available Christmas, Easter, New Years, Birthdays … decorations. We already have fireworks for our pots but what if this would be possible, couldn´t be this another social media trend to show off the best decorated christmas scenes, the best New years fireworks in Genshin Impact? We already got a lot of stuff for the realm within but just imagine how much fun it would make and how much effort people would put into this. Maybe we will also get some “creator tools” with that you can personalize Screenshots for social media that people can put their Creator Names into the pictures instead of their UID so creators will not be flooded with friendship requests. Just an idea… maybe one of the best in this long list… i think…

13. More Rewarding AR60 or more AR in the Future

Hey Developers out there, i just reached AR60, the actual AR-cap. I have now reached the highest possible level. Whats next? Why didn´t this get celebrated? Would it have been such a Problem to put in a “Free 5-Star Wish” for this AR60 thing? I really felt happy when reaching AR60 but was there no chance to celebrate this a bit? Maybe a special Party Event in Mondstadt where the adventurer guild rewards me for reaching the highest level i can reach in the adventurers guild? I feel a bit disappointed that there was no recognition to reach the highest level. Maybe in the Future AR60 Players could get 1 free 5 Star from the list, one to choose, one time, or a 4 Star with all constellations, a weapon of choice or a special 20 wish reward where are guaranteed only 4 and 5 star rewards will happen, maybe a 75% 4 star and 25% 5 Star reward, randomly or the players can choose to get only 10 wishes 50:50 only Characters or only weapons. I already own all characters instead of Beizhou and Lyney (maybe ill get lyney in this banner, depending on my 50:50 luck) it wouldn´t make such a differnce if i would get even 20 4 Star Characters as a gift, i think there is only a few that i do need and when it´s randomly selected the chance really to get anything i need will be such hughe. But it would feel completely satisfiying and rewarding, i would feel yo honoured as a player that i reached the maximum level that i would really think… yes they love that i reached this level…

but what i really got was 3 wishes and what i got out of this 3 wishes was only crap, so at least i think it wasn´t worth the effort…

So please do something about this.

14. Rewards Programm

What would it feel like if you were rewarded as a player. Rewarded for Reaching 100% in a Region, 100% in the Achievments or even get rewarded for whishes aka spending money in the Game? Would it be interesting to offer a Bonus programm for long lasting players? For example, all players that are not Influencers oder Streamers that earn money with Genshin Impact or Genshin Impact Content could be rewarded from time to time with, for example a certain ammount of cashback in primogems. This would also be interesting for Reaching AR60, just give them 25% of all the Primos they´ve ever spend.

What i want to say is that i love the game but i still feel a bit ignored, a bit unrewarded for playing Genshin Impact. Maybe there are good ways to keep players like me, that already spend a lot of money in the game, and that play regularly. I was already thinking about changing the game to Tower of Fantasy when it came out on PS5 but the developers of Tower of Fantasy made all Mistakes they have could ever made and especially not to correct the crappy controlling of this game was a hughe mistake, so i stay with Genshin but if there will be a rewarding alternative in the future i could change my oppinion.

15. The Last suggestion or maybe hint i want to write in this article, instead of putting it in an email is that here in germany you have a rea Community and Genshin Impact is really a game a hughe ammount of people like. The Community will help you develop not only quests ands stories, they woud also be happy to help with translations or even voiceover if wanted. We have a hughe ammount of talented people here that would be happy to help. Maybe you will use this chances and also if i could do anything for Genshin Impact, you can contact me whenever you want. Steve, Xin or Muyang all have my Webadress or you use the contact form or my emaildress in the impressum section, if you want to contact me, have questions, additions, want stories to tell, im here to support you 😉


…and now i think it´s enough, Feedback as comment would be nice,

just say hello and tell me what you think…